Pilates builds core strength

Pilates builds core strength. Did you ever wonder why?

Joseph Pilates was incredibly smart with his approach to understanding the human body. He talked about developing a ‘girdle of strength’ by learning to recruit the deep-trunk muscles. Even without a complete knowledge of anatomy and the benefits of the latest muscle activity research, he was aware of the importance of these deep muscles and their supportive effects.

Benefits of deep breathing

He also realized that when we practice deep breathing into our stomach, we have to let go of our abdominal muscles and, therefore, he developed the chest breathing method. This technique allows us to engage the core muscles when we begin our exercise routine and hold on to the engagement of the core until we are done with our reformer or mat order of exercises.

Correct posture

Developing your core strength will enable you to lengthen your spine and stand upright with correct posture. This will help to prevent injuries and keep your spine strong as you age.

This practice develops our core strength. Learn more about the other 5 benefits of classical pilates.

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