Pilates for Sports Performance

Pilates for Tennis Players

Tennis players are at high risk of injuries due to sudden shifts in direction and one-sided

strain. The spine, knee and shoulder are most commonly affected. The full set of exercises which comprise classical pilates will enable you to prevent these injuries and improve your tennis performance. Pilates is a full body workout, targeting the deep, joint stabilizing muscles.

Pilates for Horse Riders

We strive for harmony between horse and rider.

Pilates will give you the core strength you need to advance your communication to your horse. It will give you more limberness in the pelvis, hip and lower back to get more flexibility while horse riding and it will give you an overall better body awareness to feel your horse better, so that your horse feels good about you, too.

We have both private and group classes specifically for horse riders.  Claudia Lisbona is a horseback rider herself and knows what your body needs in order to advance your riding.

Get the details for your sport

Concentrate on the correct movements each time you exercise, lest you do them improperly and thus lose  all the vital benefits of their value.

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