Benefits of Pilates

Strengthens core

Pilates exercises develop a strong “core,” consisting of the abdominal muscles and those back muscles closest to the spine. Control of the core is achieved by integrating the trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle. When all of these muscles are strengthened posture, balance, strength and mobility are improved.

Reduces injuries

Traditional strength training builds short and bulky muscles. Imbalanced and bulky muscle development is a recipe for injury, particularly chronic back pain. In contrast, Pilates uses eccentric contraction to build leaner, longer muscle tissue which is equally as strong but less susceptible to injury. Pilates elongates and strengthens, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

Delivers balanced conditioning

Many conventional workouts tend to work the same muscles; making certain muscles stronger and others weaker. Pilates conditions the whole body, even the ankles, wrists and neck. An evenly balanced and conditioned musculature improves sports performance and decreases the risk of injury.

Provides efficient movement

Pilates exercises train several muscle groups at once in smooth, continuous movements. Pilates’ instructors teach in very small groups so that they can guide students in developing proper technique, actually retraining the body to move in safer, more efficient ways. As muscle memory is established with both the equipment and mat exercises, the flow improves and students find the elongation in the spine.

Offers gentle, safe approach

Pilates was developed for physical therapy purposes and is now used in many physical therapy facilities to rehabilitate injuries. Many of the exercises are low impact and performed in reclining or sitting positions.

Complete body workout

Pilates combines strength training, stretching and cardiovascular conditioning for a complete workout. Pilates emphasizes 3-5 repetitions for each exercise, except the first exercise known as “The 100.” At the advanced level you move from one exercise to another – more than 50 – without stopping, for a complete and rigorous work in only 30 minutes.

Fosters a mind/body connection

The emphasis on proper breathing and alignment helps you to feel centered, but it’s the concentration on the smooth, flowing movement that enables you to become acutely aware of your body. You learn to control the movement and your body. A feeling of well-being and health is achieved with Pilates.

Pilates at The Hundred & More

The better way to strengthen body & mind

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