Our Classes


50-55 minutes

Privates are one-on-one lessons under the watchful eye of one of our skilled instructors. Such personalized instruction allows student to learn the exact way to do each exercise for maximum benefit or take their practice to a whole new challenging level. Students often choose privates because they are new to Pilates, recovering from an injury, want to deepen their practice or prefer to take a class individually.

Pilates “Originals”

50-55 minutes

This class refers to the original teaching method of Joseph Pilates. Up to four students do their own workout under the guidance of our Senior Instructor.

Pilates Duets

50-55 minutes

Duets are similar to privates with individualized attention and instruction but you share the instructor with one other person. Both the reformer and mat are set up for duets. This is the right choice for friends or spouses. Students do not have to be at the same level; the instructors can customize the exercise for each student.

Pilates Matwork

50-55 minutes

This 10-session class focuses on the pilates mat only. We offer mat classes for every level of mastery. Our studio is equipped with the original mats designed by Joseph Pilates.


Trio Equipment

50-55 minutes

Trio equipment classes are no larger than three students at one time. This will ensure that the instructor can still provide individualized attention at key points during the class. Our classes are divided into levels of experience/mastery (1-3). Instructors will determine your level and place you accordingly for the safety of the individual and entire group.


Independent Workout

60-75 minutes

This is a chance for students to practice the memorization of the reformer and mat order and work on their flow. More advanced students can add to their practice by using other equipment available in the studio.

Teacher’s Discussion Time

90 minutes

This class is exclusively for pilates instructors: classically trained instructors, contemporary trained instructors who want to become classically trained and advanced students who are studying to become instructors. Structured a bit differently, a 45-60 minute self-directed workout under the supervision of two of our instructors is followed by a 30-45 minute mini-workshop.


Mini Workshops

90 minutes

Mini-workshops are for everyone who likes to deepen their knowledge about pilates. We will announce workshops on specific topics quarterly.


Trial Class

55 minutes

First time students will receive private instruction on the reformer equipment and mat, including customization of exercises based upon their body challenges/injuries. The focus will be on the correct form and breathing as the guiding principles of pilates are explained. Strength, flexibility and mobility will be assessed. Instructor will recommend the most appropriate placement for future classes.

Watch a Sample Pilates Class

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