The Classical Difference

    Benefits of Pilates

    Pilates strengthens the core, reduces injuries, delivers balanced conditioning and complete body work out, all the while fostering a mind/body connection.

    Our Classes

    Our instructors provide personalized instruction in private, duet or trio classes. Beginners, advanced students and pilates teachers are all welcome.

    Classical Pilates

    Joseph Pilates developed a system of mat and reformer exercises which keep the body fit and speed recovery from injury.

    Pilates at The Hundred & More

    The better way to strengthen body & mind


    Heather W.

    I started taking Pilates from Claudia at The Hundred and More in June 2016 with the new student package. The private lessons with Claudia prepared me for the group classes. Slowly I have learned some basics and feel excited to go to class, though at first I was intimidated and wanted to quit! Some of my back and neck aches and pains from computer work have gone away and I feel my core strengthening. This beautiful Pilates studio has all of the specific and high-end Pilates equipment and is run professionally but with a personal, family-like feel. Claudia and Rebecca are stern task-masters but are also caring and friendly.

    Joy Z.

    My go to exercises have always been mountain biking and playing softball, and I've always tended to avoid going to crowded gyms.  I'm so glad I gave Pilates a try here a year ago.  They focus on small classes, with lots of individual attention in a low-pressure setting.  Now I always look forward to going to this beautiful Pilates Studio.  Claudia is great to work with and I've had the pleasure to work with each of the Rebecca’s.

    Elliot T.

    I moved here from Connecticut just a year ago. Once here I searched for a great Pilates teacher. I finally found The Hundred & More.  It is the most amazing place -- a great environment with the best equipment and teachers. I have progressed more in one year than I could have imagined. If you have never experienced Pilates before, this is the place to go.  If you are already trained in Pilates you'll be pleasantly surprised when you try The Hundred & More experience.

    Greg O.

    Being relatively new to Pilates I have begun to realize it is so much more than an exercise program but a life changing program.  In a short period of time I have experienced a tightening of my core, my posture has noticeably improved in that I stand taller and I no longer walk stooped over.  Through better skeletal alignment my balance has improved and my hips and knees have a better range of motion.  I wish I had started Pilates earlier in life but realize it's never too late under the guidance of a qualified teacher like yourself and the studio you manage. I would wholeheartedly suggest this form of  exercise to anyone who wants to better themselves regardless of their lifestyle, sport, or occupation.

      Our Instructors


      Classical Pilates Instructor

      As the owner of The Hundred & More Pilates Studio, Claudia found her calling in teaching the classical pilates method. She is a strong advocate of the classical Pilates approach and received her certification in 2014. Her  teacher/ trainer, Rebekka Schulze, finished ‘The Work’ program under Jay Grimes. Claudia developed a deep understanding of pilates and knows how to pass on her knowledge.


      Classical Pilates Instructor

      Rebecca is a working professional dancer with a background in classical ballet. She completed her classical teacher training program in 2014 and has been teaching classical pilates ever since. She continues to educate herself in classical pilates by studying under Rebekka Schulze, a graduate of “The Work” with Jay Grimes. She enjoys working with clients of all abilities.


      Classical Pilates Instructor

      As a nutritionist and life style coach for John Muir Health, Michele understands the importance of caring for your body. Exercise is a key ingredient to optimal health  and she wanted to make this part of her coaching practice. This led her to explore the world of classical pilates, receiving her Mat Certification in 2014 and her Apparatus Certification two years later.

      Shari Jones

      Classical Pilates Instructor

      Shari holds personal trainer certificates from both ACSM and IDEA, as well as a certificate to practice Massage Therapy from the McKinnon Institute in Oakland. Her Pilates Training and certifications were acquired through Ellie Herman Studios, the Ron Fletcher Program and PMA. Most recently, she has been steadily working with Rebekka Schulze and Karen Frischmann studying the classical Pilates method.