Breathing Correctly

    Breathing Even if you follow no other instructions, learn to breath correctly. Breathing, we do it all the time. Doesn’t nature take care of that part? I am alive. What could be wrong with my breathing? First of all, it is important to know that your breath and pattern of breathing have a […]

Pilates builds core strength

Pilates builds core strength Pilates builds core strength. Did you ever wonder why? Joseph Pilates was incredibly smart with his approach to understanding the human body. He talked about developing a ‘girdle of strength’ by learning to recruit the deep-trunk muscles. Even without a complete knowledge of anatomy and the benefits of the latest muscle […]

Pilates for Beginners

Should try Pilates?I highly recommend pilates for beginners.There is no age at which it’s best to start Pilates. However, the one complaint I hear most from my clients: I wish I had started Pilates sooner. This isn’t because my clients aren’t able to accomplish much (quite the contrary),  but rather because they recognize the benefits […]